Revivify News #003 - June 2024

July 9, 2024
Reading time: 5 mins
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What's the Diff?

Revivify is a coating. A liquid, silicon based, hand applied coating. It is not a ceramic. Revivify is a new technological evolution. There is a significant difference.

Ceramic coatings have been around for about a decade or so and at one point, they were the cutting edge of technology facing the usual skepticism that a market disruptor expects. It’s understandable, yet slowly but surely, ceramics showed their benefits and as the market began to see and experience the benefits of these new age coatings, the industry trepidatiously began to accept the value proposition of these ceramic coatings. They were better than what was currently available. This is where Revivify is now.

Ceramics aren’t bad. In the same way a PS4 is still a really good gaming console, a PS5 is even better and the PS6 may be mind-blowing. As people learn, science and research evolve, and technology supersedes itself. It’s ironically natural. It doesn’t negate the benefits of previous technology; it amplifies the benefits and capabilities of the evolving technology.

While boasting hardness as a selling point for a ceramic coating, hardness may not be the right metric to use. The industry thinking around this is evolving. While Revivify coatings are ‘hard’, they are durable, and by that we mean that they will absorb the rigours of daily driving. Revivify is designed to offer resilience, flexibility and robustness through its scientific formulation. By way of example, Paint Protection Film (PPF) has been considered the best option for pure impact protection in recent years, yet hardness is never part of that conversation. Why?

In understanding the foundations and evolution of ceramic coatings, there is nothing a ceramic coating does that Revivify doesn’t. Revivify not only matches the characteristics and function of ceramics but technologically surpasses them. 

Most notably, Revivify’s Self-Healing technology is a huge difference, an obvious, self-evident technological advancement. But what is Self-Healing? It is the ability of the coating to regenerate and repair itself after being damaged. Scratches from bushes next to your driveway, long fingernails under the door handles or swirl marks from dodgy cleaning cloths or sponges will not damage your duco and can be healed, leaving no evidence of damage whatsoever. Revivify, under heat, will repair itself. A ceramic does not have this Self-Healing ability. 

Revivify Self-Healing takes place under the application of heat. The thicker the coating, the deeper the Self-Healing can occur. Neither ceramics nor Revivify are completely impervious to damage, as you’d expect, and if the coating layer is penetrated through to the underlying surface, then your paint may still be damaged. Science is impressive but it still can’t compete with magic!

While there are a couple of products on the market which have self-healing properties, the application method of Revivify is so much easier and far less time consuming. It only requires a single layer application to initiate its self-healing characteristics.

Revivify Coatings can all be applied as a single layer. The single layer of Revivify’s entry level coating  is 3-5 times thicker than a ceramic layer. Why does this matter? Well the extra depth provides extra projectile impact protection for the underlying surface. It also allows for the regenerative effect of Revivify’s Self-Healing to take place. The thicker the coating the deeper scratches will be able to heal.

On top of this all Revivify coatings can be multi-layered to a point rivalling PPF. Why would we want to rival PPF? Two reasons spring to mind. Even for trained professionals, PPF installation can be difficult, timely and expensive. From an installer’s perspective, being trained in the application of Revivify, would probably increase the turn-around time for a customer's vehicle while providing the same projectile protection. 

From the customer's perspective, they get the protection of the PPF, but they also have the deep gloss, shine and lustre that makes their vehicle look stunning and quite probably a reduced price tag. Another benefit is that Revivify won’t peel or fade over time as PPF can. All that said, Revivify coatings are suitable for coating over both PPF and Vinyl Wrap also. Mel, our US counterpart and Rainer, our Canadian counterpart are noticing a huge trend of PPF installers moving to Revivify Coatings.

Because innovation and differentiation are crucial, Revivify has a unique value proposition in the surface protection industry. We want to highlight the simplicity of application, the exceptional performance, the breathtaking cosmetic appeal, and the absolute customer satisfaction Revivify can provide. Both the detailers and customers can benefit like never before.

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