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Revivify Automotive Coatings offer unmatched protection for your vehicle's paint, featuring exceptional durability, scratch resistance, UV protection, and self-healing properties. Discover lasting shine and durability with Revivify's advanced technology.

Innovative Silicon-Based Coatings for Automotive Protection

Revivify Automotive Coatings offers cutting-edge silicon-based coatings that provide superior protection for your vehicle. Unlike traditional coatings, our innovative technology offers self-healing capabilities, ensuring long-lasting durability and a high-gloss finish.


Revivify Automotive Coatings

Discover Revivify's unparalleled combination of durability, self-healing, scratch resistance, UV protection, and self-cleaning capabilities, ensuring your vehicle's paint remains in top condition for years to come.


Revivify coatings achieve a durability level exceeding 9H once cured. In comparison, regular clear coat typically falls in the range of 2H to 4H.This vast increase in durability acts as a protective shield for your vehicle's paint, making it one of the most durable paint coatings available.

Scratch Resistance

The durable shield formed by Revivify acts as a sacrificial layer, protecting your original factory paint. Surface scratches that occur on the coating can be easily removed by heat without affecting the integrity of the underlying clear coat.

UV Protection

Revivify coatings provide UV protection, preventing your vehicle's paint from fading or aging due to sun exposure. It acts as an additional clear coat layer, offering peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy your vehicle's appearance in the harshest of environments.

gloss & smoothness

The nano-technology in Revivify allows its nanoparticles to fill the tiniest pores in the paint, resulting in a glossy, smooth, and exceptionally slick (hydrophobic) finish, making it difficult for contaminants to adhere to the surface.


Thanks to its self-healing properties, Revivify coatings showcase an impressive capability for self-repair. Scratches and surface damage will undergo self-healing when exposed to sunlight or any form of heat, such as hot water or a heat gun.

permanent protection

Revivify offers a single or multi-layer application. Once the protective shield has cured, it can only be removed through abrasive methods like wet sanding. This long-lasting protection sets Revivify apart from sealants or waxes.

Revivify Coatings, which are silicon-based, are recognised for their outstanding durability, protective attributes, and unique self-healing capabilities, setting them apart from ceramic coatings. The properties of Revivify coatings ensure comprehensive and enduring protection for your vehicle's paint for many years to come.

Self-healing technology

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Advanced Formula

Revolutionising the vehicle coating industry

Revivify Coatings leads the global market in silicon-based, self-healing protection for vehicles, boats, aircraft, and industrial use. Committed to top-tier products, we continually innovate to provide comprehensive surface protection across all sectors.


Dive into advanced protection with Revivify Coatings, offering unparalleled defense against corrosion and fouling for boats and yachts. Our eco-friendly solutions ensure longevity and performance in harsh marine environments.


Enhance your aircraft's defence with Revivify Coatings. Providing superior resistance to corrosion and debris buildup, our advanced technology benefits durability and safety, providing peace of mind for the aviator.