Navigate the Seas with Revivify Coatings

Revivify Marine Coatings offer unmatched protection for both above-water and underwater surfaces, guarding against corrosion and fouling while enhancing performance and sustainability.

Advanced Marine Coatings for Ultimate Protection

Revivify Coatings deliver unparalleled protection with a single, thick layer, akin to liquid paint protection film. They excel in deflecting projectiles, ensuring lasting safeguarding for your vehicle's paint. Our marine coatings offer superior corrosion resistance, ensuring enduring protection for boats and yachts in harsh environments.

Corrosion Resistance

Revivify Marine Coatings are engineered to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and harsh marine conditions.

Fouling Prevention

Our coatings provide an effective barrier against marine fouling, reducing maintenance and improving vessel performance.


revivify boat coatings

Revivify protective coatings revolutionise both above-water and underwater surfaces of boats and yachts. These vessels frequently face harsh conditions below the waterline, and Revivify provides an effective solution to these challenges.

Corrosion Resistance

The underwater parts of boats are particularly susceptible to corrosion caused by saltwater exposure. Revivify Coatings create a protective barrier that shields the surface from the corrosive effects of saltwater, helping to extend the life of the vessel.

Fouling Prevention

The accumulation of algae and marine organisms on a boat's hull can affect its performance. Revivify Coatings make the hull surface extremely repellent to these organisms, making it difficult for them to adhere. This means that the boat's hull stays cleaner, and the cleaning process becomes more manageable.


Traditional methods of cleaning boat hulls often involve harsh chemicals and can be environmentally unfriendly. Revivify Coatings reduce the need for these cleaning processes, making them more environmentally sustainable.


Revivify utilises advanced nano-technology to create a unique protective coating. This technology not only protects the boat but also enhances its performance in the water.


Once applied, Revivify Coatings become a durable and long-lasting protective shield on the surface.This eliminates the need for frequent applications of waxes and other off-the-shelf protective products.

chemical resistance

The coatings are resistant to chemical removal by high-detergents or acids. This ensures that the protection remains intact even in challenging conditions.

In summary, Revivify Coatings are a cutting-edge solution for boat and yacht owners, offering long-lasting protection against corrosion and fouling, enhanced performance, and reduced environmental impact. This product represents a significant advancement in the care and maintenance of vessels in marine environments.

Self-healing technology

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Advanced Formula

Revolutionising the vehicle coating industry

Revivify Coatings leads the global market in silicon-based, self-healing protection for vehicles, boats, aircraft, and industrial use. Committed to top-tier products, we innovate to provide comprehensive surface protection across all sectors.


Revivify Coatings delivers unparalleled protection for your vehicle's paint, featuring exceptional durability, self-healing capabilities, UV resistance, and a sleek finish. Keep your car looking pristine with Revivify.


Enhance your aircraft's defense with Revivify Coatings, providing superior resistance to corrosion and ice buildup. Our advanced technology ensures durability and safety, elevating performance in aviation.