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Discover Revivify's revolutionary self-healing nanotechnology coatings. Hand-applied and heat-activated, these coatings offer unparalleled protection with the convenience of self-repair. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your vehicle is always restored to its best.

Superior Performance

Redefines surface protection with unmatched durability and adherence.

Advanced Technology

Revivify's cutting-edge nanotechnology sets new standards for coatings


No matter what stage you are in the Revivify process, we've got you covered!
*Professional Use Only

Revivify SELF Healing X (Base)

Base Coat

With its remarkable ability to enhance the performance of our Self-Healing coatings, SH X provides an unparalleled level of protection, durability, and self-healing capabilities.

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Revivify Self Healing Lite

2+ Years of Protection

Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and durability with our revolutionary thick single-layer coating, leaving traditional ceramic coatings in the dust.

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Revivify Self Healing Ultra

5 Years of Protection

Revivify SH Ultra takes paint protection to the cutting edge with its increased solid content, superior self-healing performance, and eye-catching lustre and shine.

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Revivify Graphene Self Heal Pro

5+ Years of Protection

Experience the future of automotive surface protection with unmatched gloss, durability, and superior anti-graffiti and anti-abrasion performance.

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Revivify PCD

Pre-Coating Degreaser

PCD effectively removes any residual polishing oils or abrasives left behind from the paint correction process, ensuring a pristine surface for optimal adhesion.

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Revivify CRA

Coating Restore Agent

Designed to be used after a soap wash, CRA effectively removes stubborn contaminants and water spots, giving your vehicle the flawless finish it deserves.

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Revivify CMA

Coating Maintenance Agent

Designed to enhance and protect your vehicle’s coating. For the best results, use CMA after our Coating Restore Agent (CRA)

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Trusted by industry leaders for superior protection and performance

"My customer Jim put wedding ribbons on his Ford Xr8 Sprint 5 days after we applied a REVIVIFY Coating. Driving around caused the ribbons to mar his bonnet. He parked the car in the warm sun during the ceremony and came back to find all the scratches were gone. He was amazed that the sun's warmth had activated the coatings self healing quality. The products are brilliant." - May 2024

Joel Agius

Principal Detailer
Sharp'N'Shine Detailing

“15 months after having my Mercedes C63S coated with Revivify it looks better than when it left the showroom floor. The Revivify brand truly exceeded my expectations and performed exactly as stated. I would recommend this product to anyone that's serious about protecting their investment over the long term especially if they want to keep that (better than) new car look throughout the life of their vehicle.”

Derek B.

Detiling Pros

"Revivify Coatings have been integral to the success of our business. Our work and the vehicles we produce need to be of the highest quality. We use the highest quality products to provide a coating performance our customers can rely on. Revivify’s thickness and self healing structure are able to deliver some of the best results in the industry time and time again. We will continue to grow with Revivify and evolve with their new technologies moving forward into the future."

Meander Watts

Principal Detailer
Detail Mode

"I've finally bought my first car which is a black 2007 Subaru Outback. I had it detailed (cleaned, clayed, cut/polished and decontaminated) to get it looking as best it could for a car that is 17 years old and lived a life. Lastly, I had it coated with REVIVIFY Self-Healing Lite. I can't help but smile every time I look at her. Simply beautiful." - April 2024

Jasper K

Detail Mode

"Finesse Car Care has done a fantastic job on my Volvo XC 60,  they recommended Revivify Self Healing Paint Protection for my car and I am over the moon with the results, specifically the short amount of time to wash the car, the water beading and the constant gloss.  Finesse Car Care are very professional and passionate about the products they offer and I would always recommend them."


Finesse Car Care

"Thanks to Finesse Car Care for your skill with car paint protection and detailing. With the Revivify Ultra applied, our car is gleaming inside and out and is so easy to maintain - still looks like new 3 years down the track. Love the car wash techniques you showed us too. Highly recommend Finesse Car Care for their attention to detail and great results with Revivify."


Finesse Car Care

“In my professional capacity, I have never used a product this good. There are good products out there, but Revivify is hands down, the easiest to apply, the least stressful, the most consistent and by far the best at producing exceptional results continually. I don’t think it has a serious competitor. With so many cars on the road, it is too good not to share within the professional detailing community.”

Darren Hosking

Technical Director
Revivify Australia

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ash & Marcilia for going above and beyond with my brand new M3 comp. The Prolux team went the extra mile to make sure the car was top notch after they were done with it. Looking forward to seeing you guys for regular maintenance."

Akshay Gopee

Prolux Autocare

"If you've had your pride and joy coated with a Revivify product by one of our gifted applicators and would like to provide us with a testimonial about Revivify and your experience, just use our contact button located on the menu bar and give us the details. We'd love to hear from you."

Scott Keegan

Managing Director
Revivify Australia

"The final touches included dressing the tires, windows, and trims, giving my Trans Am a showroom-ready look. The application of one layer of Revivify Self-Healing Coating added a stunning, long-lasting protection to the paint...The entire experience with Detail Mode was exceptional."

Frank John

Detail Mode

"Darren is one of the best students I've ever trained. His level of professionalism is nothing short of amazing, and for over 14 years we have done it all, and we have done it together, with me here in America, and he in Australia."

Mel Craig

Revivify USA

Our Commitment to Quality

Explore our commitment to excellence with Revivify's advanced solutions, designed to enhance your results and ensure customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our product line, including application tips and maintenance advice.

How to apply the coatings?

Revivify Coatings MUST be applied by an Authorised Applicator. You can find one near you by checking out our Locate Applicator. Or join Team Revivify Australia here.

Do I need to apply a wax or sealant after a wash?

You can skip applying wax or sealants to the coated surfaces since the coating forms a bond with the paint surface upon application. The coating on the surfaces creates a lasting bond with the paint, eliminating the need for wax or sealants.

How long will the coating last?

The lifespan of the product is contingent upon the predominant environmental conditions to which the vehicle is subjected. To maintain optimal performance, it is imperative to conduct regular maintenance activities.

Will Revivify Coatings prevent stone chips?

While Revivify Coatings are thicker and more flexible compared to ceramic coatings, they still do not match the thickness of actual Paint Protection Film (PPF). However, technological advancements in Revivify Coatings are quickly closing this gap.

Will the Revivify Coatings protect the paint from swirls and scratch marks?

While the coating is not indestructible, it provides protection against scratches and swirl marks during hand washing when following our recommended cleaning methods. Our Self Heal products have the ability to self-repair in the presence of minor scratches and swirls under heated conditions.

What about bird droppings and tar?

Just like swirls and scratch marks, the coating will help minimize damage, although it is not impervious. Properly treating these contaminants will ensure that the surface remains protected for as long as possible. Check out our Care Guide under Warranty for more details.

How often should the coating be maintained and what is the process?

The optimal performance of the coating relies heavily on the environment it is exposed to. To ensure its longevity, it is advised to regularly maintain the coating every 6 to 12 months. For a thorough evaluation and recommendation, reach out to your Authorised Revivify Applicator, who will arrange an inspection of your vehicle.

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