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Revivify Aviation offers advanced coatings for aircraft, providing comprehensive protection from corrosion, contaminants, and more, ensuring longevity, safety, and aesthetics for civil aviation vessels.

Protect Your Aircraft with Revivify's Self-Healing Technology

Revivify Coatings, with their single thick layer, offer unmatched protection, absorbing and rejecting projectiles encountered by your aircraft. Unlike ceramics, they act as a liquid paint protection film, guarding against bug guts, rock chips, and harsh weather. Revivify Aviation Coatings feature self-healing technology, maintaining aircraft aesthetics and structural integrity with minimal heat exposure for repairs.

Corrosion Protection

Revivify Aviation Coatings provide superior corrosion protection, extending the lifespan of your aircraft.

Anti-Icing Capabilities

Experience enhanced safety with Revivify's anti-icing coatings, reducing the risk of ice buildup.


Revivify aviation coatings

Revivify Coatings extend beyond automotive and marine applications to provide advanced protection for airplanes and helicopters. Specifically designed for the aviation industry, these coatings safeguard both the exterior and interior of aircraft, enhancing longevity, safety, and aesthetics.


Revivify coatings safeguard aircraft exteriors from corrosion. This is especially important in the aviation industry, where exposure to various environmental conditions can lead to corrosion over time. The coatings act as a protective barrier against corrosive elements.


They also help prevent the buildup of ice on the aircraft's surfaces. This is a crucial safety feature, as ice accumulation can affect an aircraft's performance and aerodynamics.


By protecting aircraft surfaces, Revivify Coatings contribute to cost savings by reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.


The coatings guard against contaminants, accidental damage, and various environmental factors. They are resistant to dissolution by acids, bases, and solvents, ensuring that they provide long-lasting protection to the aircraft's exterior.


The Revivify Coating has self-healing properties, meaning when light scratches and marring occur the coating can heal itself with the use of heat, hot air or hot water. The coating can even self heal on a hot sunny day.


Revivify offers specialised solutions for protecting the interior of aircraft. This includes coatings for plastic, leather, textiles, and antibacterial coatings. These coatings not only extend the lifespan of the aircraft's interior components but also enhance passenger safety and comfort.

Revivify Coatings offer an integrated solution for aircraft paint protection, boasting superior durability, self-healing capabilities, scratch resistance, UV protection, and self-cleaning features. This combination ensures durable and long-lasting protection, maintaining your aircraft's paint in optimal condition even under harsh conditions.

Self-healing technology

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Advanced Formula

Revolutionising the vehicle coating industry

Revivify Coatings leads the global market in silicon-based, self-healing protection for vehicles, boats, aircraft, and industrial use. Committed to top-tier products, we innovate to provide comprehensive surface protection across all sectors.


Revivify Coatings delivers unparalleled protection for your vehicle's paint, featuring exceptional durability, self-healing capabilities, UV resistance, and a sleek finish. Keep your car looking pristine with Revivify.


Dive into advanced protection with Revivify Coatings, offering unparalleled defence against corrosion and fouling for boats and yachts. Our eco-friendly solutions ensure longevity and performance in harsh marine environments.