Experience the Future of Surface Protection

Revivify Coatings have been formulated as single layer application. A single layer of a Revivify coating is 3-5 times thicker than a single layer ceramic coating.
For increased depth and thickness, Revivify has a dedicated base layer product which can be multi-layered to a point rivalling Paint Protection Film.
Revivify Coatings offer cutting-edge nanotechnology and self-healing capabilities for the ultimate surface protection. Our innovative products provide high gloss, all-surface protection, durability and, are revolutionising the industry.

Choose the year, watch the evolution.


Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax, a natural palm-derived substance, gained popularity in automotive care during the mid-20th century. Its introduction provided a natural, glossy finish, revolutionizing car detailing.


Polymer Sealant

Polymer sealants emerged in the later-half of the 20th century, offering durable protection against environmental elements. They replaced traditional wax, providing long-lasting shine and defense for vehicle finishes.


Nano-Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings revolutionised car care in the early 21st century, utilising nanotechnology to form a protective layer on vehicle surfaces. They offered enhanced durability and resistance to scratches and environmental damage. They changed the industry in the same way Revivify is doing today.


revivify coatings

Revivify coatings, a silicon-based coating, introduced in recent years, represents a breakthrough in vehicle protection technology. Our self-healing properties, combined with scratch resistance, UV protection, and ease of application is revolutionising comprehensive and long-lasting protection for vehicle paint.

The Revivify Advantage

Revivify's Innovative Coating Technology

Our Self Healing coatings:
a. Are 100% UV resistant,
b. Are super hydrophobic,
c. Are 3-5 times thicker than a ceramic coating,
d. Can be layered to increase protection through coating depth,
e. Can be applied over vinyl wrap and PPF,
f.  Can be a single or multiple layer application,
g. Can be applied to a thickness rivalling PPF, and of course
h. They have the ability to Self Heal.

Revivify's Self-Heal Coatings introduces a new standard in surface protection with its advanced nanotechnology. Unlike ceramic coatings, they offer greater flexibility and superior adhesion, reducing minor projectile damage significantly. Its unique self-healing technology repairs light scratches and withstands environmental challenges, providing a durable solution that maintains the vehicle's aesthetic value. Committed to innovation, Revivify continuously improves its products, ensuring top-tier performance and customer satisfaction.

Better adherence, and effective protection against environmental factors.
Revivify offers more than durability, providing real benefits like self-healing and enhanced preservation.
Our Difference

Exploring the Core of Revivify's Technology

Revivify Self-Heal Coating, is a cutting-edge nanotechnology coating. It stands out in surface protection with its innovative features and versatile applications, making it a leader in the industry. Our coatings will protect surfaces on motorcycles, cars, trailers, campervans, caravans, and boats. Whatever your surface, we've got you covered.

Heal and Shield

Versatile Protection

Revivify offers self-healing properties that repair minor scratches automatically with heat exposure, combined with strong resistance to high temperatures, salt corrosion, acids, and alkalis. This makes it suitable for various surfaces, from paint to metal and vinyl.

Beauty and Brawn

Enhanced durability & aesthetics

With SiOX technology for better adhesion and a formula that provides superior resistance against corrosion and UV damage, Revivify not only protects but enhances surface gloss and hydrophobicity, making maintenance easier.

Simplicity Meets Innovation

User-Friendly application

Revivify Coatings are designed for easy application, eliminating pre-mixing and reducing uneven coverage. If your surface preparation game is on point, applying Revivify will be a walk in the park.

Join Revivify Australia

For 20 years, Revivify Australia's Technical Director has lived the life of a professional detailer and understands the challenges, gotchas, pitfalls and problems that are part of the professional lifestyle...he has walked the walk and still enjoys what he does.
Striving to provide customer satisfaction, clear expectations and consistent quality led him down the road to discovering Revivify's range of products, which we now refer to as our Complete Defence System.
After doing his research and due diligence, Darren discovered the many benefits Revivify provides. He discovered the stress of dealing with ceramic coating flash times became a thing of the past with the Revivify curing process being far more manageable and consistent. Notwithstanding the preparation of the vehicle surface, the aesthetic results he could produce were far superior to any ceramic coating he had used previously. The proof was in the pudding!
Revivify is exceptional and can improve your craftsmanship and most importantly, your customers satisfaction. Our goal is to establish a professional community to help support you and help your business succeed.
We'd love to welcome you aboard as an Authorised Applicator and join the fastest growing automotive coating community in the world. We're still new in Australia, so take your chance to be an industry leader and become part of the technological evolution.

Elevate Protection, Eliminate Boundaries

Revivify Durability

Revivify could be considered hard but instead we talk about durability. Hardness can be measured on different scales of course, but which one is relevant and why? Maybe in terms of protection, hardness is completely irrelevant. Think about it.
If you want to minimise damage, something has to absorb impact right? The concept is universally understood. Cars have crumple zones, helmets have impact foam, sports players have padding. In the same way, Revivify products absorb as much impact as they can whether it be via direct impact or indirect contact. Like a ceramic though, if the protective layer is breached, the underlying surface is susceptible to damage. That's a given. However, unlike ceramics, Revivify products, if not fully breached, will self heal and repair their molecular bonds and rejuvenate their structure when heat is applied. A damaged ceramic will not perform the same way.
To simplify the concept, if you dropped a golf ball from 3 metres high onto a very thin sheet of glass (ceramic) it is reasonable to say that it may shatter or at least crack. Perform the same test on a thin layer of silicone based material and it is reasonable to say that there would be no damage except maybe a temporary indent prior to the coating returning to its original shape. This is an over simplified explanation but serves to help us understand that hard vs hard in terms of impact is not ideal.

Ceramic Damage

Even minor damage to a ceramic coating can be a costly repair. You'll need a professional to weave their magic and get your car back to how it was, and their craftsmanship will cost you time and money.

ReviviFY Damage

Damage a Revivify coating and you may not even notice as the warm midday sun could repair that scratch while your shopping at Woolies, blissfully unaware of what is taking place. Which sounds better to you?

Excellence in Every Detail

Meet Team Revivify: Australia

Revivify Global has expanded to Australia! Bringing top-tier automotive coatings and extensive experience, we are focussed on supporting local businesses with outstanding products and personalised service. Alongside that, our technologically advanced Self Healing products have surpassed ceramic coatings and both owners and professional detailers will notice the difference and reap the benefits.

Darren Hosking
Co-Founder - Technical Director

"I coated my Continental GT in Revivify and it looks immaculate. It's a daily rider and we had it on display at the Canberra Festival of Speed (FoS) this year where she turned a lot of heads and received a lot of positive attention. Whether your car, your truck, your boat or your bike is your pride and joy, Revivify gives you a real sense of pride when you stand back and admire it. I hope we get to talk to more people at the next FoS and they can see Revivify in action for themselves."

Scott Keegan
Co-Founder - Managing Director

"It always pays to look after your toys, and if I can make that easier, I'm all for it. I've got a couple of bikes and the newest which I use for Adventure Riding, this black Himalayan, is coated in Revivify and it comes up looking great every time after getting covered in mud, dirt or dust. Revivify makes it so much easier to look after my vehicles which is great as I'm not getting any younger and I'm all about saving heartbeats!"

become an authorised applicator

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“Revivify is state of the art technology. I enjoy the fact I can put my hand on my heart and say that our products perform exactly as intended. We take pride in our products being so good at producing exceptional results that looking after our applicators and customers can be our number one priority. Our goal is to build community not competition. We can all succeed.”

Scott Keegan

Co-Founder – Managing Director

“In my professional capacity, I've never used a product this good. There are good products out there, but Revivify is hands down, the easiest to apply, the least stressful, the most consistent and by far the best at producing exceptional results continually. I don’t think it has a serious competitor. With so many cars on the road, it needs to be in the hands of the professional detailing community.”

Darren Hosking

Co-Founder – Technical Director

Advanced Formula


Revivify Coatings, the foremost authority in Vehicle Coating technology worldwide, specialises in the production of self-healing protection for automotive, marine, and aviation markets.


Offers exceptional durability and protective features, along with unique self-healing and aesthetic properties not found in ceramic coatings.


Safeguards both the exterior and interior of aircraft,enhancing longevity, safety, and surface reliability for aviators.


Provide groundbreaking protection for both above-water andunderwater surfaces of boats and yachts, it rises to the challenges posed byharsh underwater conditions.

"My customer Jim put wedding ribbons on his Ford Xr8 Sprint 5 days after we applied a REVIVIFY Coating. Driving around caused the ribbons to mar his bonnet. He parked the car in the warm sun during the ceremony and came back to find all the scratches were gone. He was amazed that the sun's warmth had activated the coatings self healing quality. The products are brilliant." - May 2024

Joel Agius

Sharp'N'Shine Detailing

“15 months after having my Mercedes C63S coated with Revivify it looks better than when it left the showroom floor. The Revivify brand truly exceeded my expectations and performed exactly as stated. I would recommend this product to anyone that's serious about protecting their investment over the long term especially if they want to keep that (better than) new car look throughout the life of their vehicle.”

Derek B.

Detailing Pros

"Revivify Coatings have been integral to the success of our business. Our work and the vehicles we produce need to be of the highest quality. We use the highest quality products to provide a coating performance our customers can rely on. Revivify’s thickness and self healing structure are able to deliver some of the best results in the industry time and time again. We will continue to grow with Revivify and evolve with their new technologies moving forward into the future."

Meander Watts

Principal Detailer
Detail Mode

"I've finally bought my first car which is a black 2007 Subaru Outback. I had it detailed (cleaned, clayed, cut/polished and decontaminated) to get it looking as best it could for a car that is 17 years old and lived a life. Lastly, I had it coated with REVIVIFY Self-Healing Lite. I can't help but smile every time I look at her. Simply beautiful." - April 2024

Jasper K

Detail Mode

"Finesse Car Care has done a fantastic job on my Volvo XC 60,  they recommended Revivify Self Healing Paint Protection for my car and I am over the moon with the results, specifically the short amount of time to wash the car, the water beading and the constant gloss.  Finesse Car Care are very professional and passionate about the products they offer and I would always recommend them."


Finesse Car Care

"Thanks to Finesse Car Care for your skill with car paint protection and detailing. With the Revivify Ultra applied, our car is gleaming inside and out and is so easy to maintain - still looks like new 3 years down the track. Love the car wash techniques you showed us too. Highly recommend Finesse Car Care for their attention to detail and great results with Revivify."


Finesse Car Care

“In my professional capacity, I have never used a product this good. There are good products out there, but Revivify is hands down, the easiest to apply, the least stressful, the most consistent and by far the best at producing exceptional results continually. I don’t think it has a serious competitor. With so many cars on the road, it is too good not to share within the professional detailing community.”

Darren Hosking

Technical Director
Revivify Australia

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ash & Marcilia for going above and beyond with my brand new M3 comp. The Prolux team went the extra mile to make sure the car was top notch after they were done with it. Looking forward to seeing you guys for regular maintenance."

Akshay Gopee

Prolux Autocare

"If you've had your pride and joy coated with a Revivify product by one of our gifted applicators and would like to provide us with a testimonial about Revivify and your experience, just use our contact button located on the menu bar and give us the details. We'd love to hear from you."

Scott Keegan

Managing Director
Revivify Australia

"The final touches included dressing the tires, windows, and trims, giving my Trans Am a showroom-ready look. The application of one layer of Revivify Self-Healing Coating added a stunning, long-lasting protection to the paint...The entire experience with Detail Mode was exceptional."

Frank John

Detail Mode

"Darren is one of the best students I've ever trained. His level of professionalism is nothing short of amazing, and for over 14 years we have done it all, and we have done it together, with me here in America, and he in Australia."

Mel Craig

Revivify USA

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