Revivify News #002 - June 2024

July 9, 2024
Reading time: 5 mins
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Why would you want to coat your vehicles?

Let’s talk about paint and paint technology, specifically the paint on our vehicles. In this day and age, there is no doubt that manufacturers are saving money by reducing the amount of paint being applied to vehicles. This is a real problem as most customers don’t even think about the paint…and that’s because it looks new. And once a car is off the lot it becomes a buyer beware situation. Every professional detailer knows this.

Unfortunately for the consumer, over the years, the depth and quality of automotive paint has steadily declined to a point where it is now terribly inefficient. It just won’t last. Automotive manufacturers use programmed robots to apply paint and as it seems, set the paint parameters to ‘just enough’. This does not bode well for the car consumer. The manufacturers have differing priorities which include profit making and saving their investors millions of dollars. The consumer assumes they’ll be buying a vehicle with a quality paint job. What ends up happening though, is that the unsuspecting consumer drives a car off the lot with dangerously thin paint. There is no recourse, it’s just the way it is. That is not to say that all cars have thin paint. You may well purchase a 2024 Ferrari SF90 with 287 microns of paint, which is plenty…that however is not the norm!

We are facing an epidemic of paint and clear coat failure. Detailers are seeing damage to paint in record numbers like never before because paint is just way too thin. However, there is a solution, and that is to have your car coated with a Self-Healing coating like Revivify. Revivify is a liquid applied silicon-based product that is guaranteed to protect your paint for many years to come. How does it do it? Well, Revivify adds a thick layer of protection over the painted surface. It adds depth or thickness, however you’d like to think about it, for one thing. It will also protect your paint from fading because it is 100% UV resistant and its gloss and lustre is second to none. 

Can Revivify get damaged? Absolutely, it can scratch, it can mar, it can etch, however it offers a level of protection to ensure the paint underneath is not going to be affected. Ideally your car lives in pristine isolation and doesn’t face weather, bird poop, projectiles, fingernails or shopping centre car parks. As this is not real life, and your vehicle will face all these things during its life, Revivify provides a sacrificial layer that will take the brunt of this living and protect the surface underneath for years, not only that but with routine care you’ll be able to maintain the look of a brand new car for a long long time. Revivify is extremely durable and also Self-Healing. On a nice hot day, minor little scratches and wash swirls will just disappear right before your eyes. 

You should start to consider a level of paint protection for your vehicle that is truly going to work. Cars are expensive, and are a significant investment for most people. We want you to understand that you need to think about protecting your paint. 

There is no chance that your paint will last for many years given how thin it is these days. Not only that but with today’s new vehicles you’ll be lucky if a detailer is able to correct or enhance the paint on your car once because the paint is so thin. There is zero chance that your paint will last as long as the vehicle and your car will begin looking very shabby a long time before it should. 

In years gone by, paint was thick and detailing professionals would be able to work on it over and over again, year in and year out. That is no longer the case. Detailers are limited now due to how thin paint is. They need to be careful not to blow through the paint by thinning it out too much. Every time a paint correction occurs the paint is thinned. 

By adding Revivify as a layer of protection, you’re ensuring your paint lasts years and years. It’s important to understand the need to protect that investment you’re driving. Apart from looking fantastic and the duco being protected, your vehicle resale value may even be higher as a result.

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