Revivify News #001 - June 2024

July 11, 2024
Reading time: 5 mins
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Why should we show our faces?

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first Newsletter for Revivify Australia. We thought we’d start with explaining why we would want to show our faces on our website, and why we think it is important.

Firstly, Revivify Australia, as an entity, was established in September 2023, although our Technical Director had been using Revivify in his capacity as a Professional Detailer for a couple of years. He was introduced to it by our friend and colleague, Mel Craig. Mel is our American counterpart and President of Revivify USA. He has been in the detailing industry for 50 odd years. There is not much that he hasn’t seen, heard or experienced. Mel himself tested Revivify Coatings to exhaustion to be able to put his hand on his heart and say that Revivify is the best product he has ever used. Mel is proud to put his name, face and reputation alongside Revivify. 

We too have taken this approach. We want Authorised Applicators to not only have faith in the product, but faith in the people who import, distribute, and support it. We know our range of products do what we say they do. That’s just a fact. We don’t want to be anonymous and rely on gimmicks, marketing strategies or advertising to sell the product. Revivify products function and perform as specified. We know this and the industry will learn this as time goes on.

Our goal is to be successful, but not in isolation. We want to see others succeed and help them do it. Putting our names, faces and reputations alongside our products makes us accountable. We don’t want to be faceless. We want our Revivify community to be able to talk to us, ask questions and know that we are not full of smoke and mirrors and BS! Nobody benefits from that. We want to build a community that is stable, supported and delivers what the customers want.

Darren, our Technical Director, has been a professional detailer for 20 years and has seen products come and go, make claims, not back them up etc. which is disheartening. We understand the skepticism in the industry, especially around Self-Healing, but we know, through experience and testing, that Revivify at its most basic does everything better than a ceramic does and on top of that, it has the ability to Self-Heal. The truth doesn’t change and facts are stubborn things, so when we say Revivify does a, b, and c,’s because it does. It is that simple. And those who have used Revivify can attest to this. Those who haven’t, should probably do so. 

We want people, car owners and detailers alike, to engage us, ask us questions, get in touch, and find out for themselves, they’ll work out that we’re honest, open and up-front and stand behind the technology our product range uses. If you understand us, you’ll understand why the product range is so good.

We provide personalised training and education to ensure new applicators know how to apply the product correctly to get the perfect results. It’s also a great way to engage and share knowledge, information and experience, both ways. We want to know our Authorised Applicators and we want them to know us. 

There is no doubt that Revivify is exceptional, and we want to be exceptional in the way we run Revivify Australia and that is why we are willing to be front and centre, walking the walk, and not just talking the talk.

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