Thick Layer Technology

Designed by experts to deliver a genuinely thick single layer and enhance the ease of application, our Revivify formula consistently delivers exceptional results.

3-D Structure

Unleash the power of our ground-breaking SI0x, a patent-pending nanotechnology that guarantees exceptional adhesion on various surfaces including paint, PPF, steel, chrome, vinyl, and glass.

superior durability

Revivify Coatings have been rigorously tested and proven to provide complete adhesion to any surface. Additionally, they offer full UV protection and exceptional chemical resistance, as confirmed by SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company


Designed with detailers at the forefront, Revivify delivers an incredibly user-friendly application experience, eliminating the hassles associated with ceramic coatings or Paint Protection Films.

curing process

At temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius, the hydrophobic and self-healing features become active within one hour. It takes a full 72 hours for the Revivify Coating properties to completely cure.

self-healing technology

These remarkable Revivify Coatings can effortlessly repair minor scratches and swirl marks when exposed to heat, such as hot air or hot water. What's more, it has no limitations on the number of times it can self-repair.